Find an open mic is a free-to-use database of over 200 open mic nights in the UK and Ireland. No sign-up necessary. You can find your nearest open mic night in just a few seconds by browsing the interactive map. Nothing on this website goes unchecked for more than six months – but that isn’t a guarantee that everything is correct!

Recently confirmed open mic nights:

Venue Name Town / City Region / State Last update
The BellChelmsfordEssex2014-04-19
Scribal Gathering @ The CrownStony StratfordBuckinghamsire2014-04-19
The TurbiniaNewton AycliffeCounty Durham2014-04-19
The Stoke Pub and PizzeriaGuildfordSurrey2014-04-18
Top ShipPorlockSomerset2014-04-16
The Clock FacePrescotMerseyside2014-04-16

map of open mic nights

Thousands of people come to this site every month looking for details on open mic nights. You can search using the interactive map or just the “list view” which shows all the open mic nights ordered by region. This website was created by Matt Coston because he became tired of nobody making any effort to make an accurate database of open mic nights.

So why is this site so accurate?

I only accept information from the official organiser of the open mic night, and I also send update emails every six months – if I don’t get a response, their details come off the site. However I’d like to make it clear that you should always independently verify the information on this site using the provided contact methods.


I’ve been to literally hundreds of different open mic nights and seen people make tons of rookie mistakes which could have been avoided. I decided to write all my advice down to try and help people out. It is written for both organisers and performers alike. Take things to the next level by reading my advice on improving your open mic night.
One of the most common mistakes organisers make is they don’t display posters in their venue advertising their open mic night. To change this, I’m offering free posters to anybody who wants them. The idea is that the posters provide a blank space which you can customise for your own open mic, but also advertise So you get free posters and your doing me a favour by simultaneously promoting this website. To see what the poster looks like and to register for them, go here.
Hundreds of people come here looking especially for info on open mic nights in London. They’re in luck! We have a dedicated page just for that.