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I have made a minor change to the website – until now, the details for each open mic night included the date when the open mic night was last confirmed (by “last confirmed”, I mean the last time I sent the organiser an email to get confirmation that their open mic night is still happening). The purpose behind this datum is to give the reader a sense of how up-to-date the associated information is. But then I realised; the entire website is supposed to be up-to-date – and in fact it is – no information goes unchecked for more than 6 months. So it doesn’t really add a tremendous amount of additional “trust” to provide an exact date of the last confirmation. Also, I always had to manually edit this piece of info with every (re)confirmation. So removing it altogether means it saves me a bit of work – which is awesome.


NOVEMBER 2013 UPDATE – The above news is no longer correct due to significant database improvements which you can read about here. From now on, all profile pages show when that open mic night was last confirmed.

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