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Open mic night at
Goat Lips Chew And Brewhouse

2811 Copter Rd,  Pensacola,  Florida,  32514,  USA

Event Info
  • Frequency : Every Sunday and Thursday. Always verify this independently before travelling. This information is not guaranteed correct.
  • Advance booking : Advance booking is not required.
  • Start / Finish time : 5pm on Sunday, 8pm on Thursday to 11pm on Sunday, 10pm on Thursday
  • Arrival / Sign-up begins : 5pm on Sunday, 8pm on Thursday
  • Performance type : All performance types are welcome
  • Event name : Open mic
  • Last confirmed : 27th July 2017
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  • Organiser name : Mike Boccia
  • Organiser phone : 850-324-9482
  • Venue phone : 850-324-9482

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External contact

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More details
  • Equipment at the venue : PA system with mixer (15 inputs) and 6 microphones. In-house piano/keyboard is provided. Acoustic guitar is provided. Electric guitar is provided. Bass guitar is provided. Electric guitar amp is provided. Bass guitar amp is provided. In-house drum-kit is provided. Stage foldback / monitor speakers are prov.
  • Instructions for performers : Free entry. All ages welcome. No swearing during performances. Optional audio recording taken of performance.
  • Maximum number of simultaneous performers : 7
  • Organiser's comments : Also have congas, bongos, lighted music stands, wall mounts for instruments, all instrument cables provided.
  • How to find the venue : Entrance to Ellisyn Industrial park.
  • Travel advice : Plenty of free parking.

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  • ...last updated on 27th July 2017
  • ...first submitted on 25th October 2016
  • ...submitted by Mike Boccia

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