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List if differences between the old site and new site:

  1. No membership required to upload your details or use a contact form
  2. The interactive map no longer lists any future calendar dates for each open mic night. Although I believed this was a really great feature, keeping it accurate was more time consuming than any other part of managing this website. Since it is non-essential, I felt it had to go.
  3. Because I no longer maintain a list of dates for each open mic night, I have removed the page which gave a filtered list of open mic nights happening today. That is a bit of a shame because I thought it was quite useful. But as explained in point 2 above, I couldn’t sustain the level of effort required to maintain it.
  4. Messages sent through the contact forms are not private and can be read by the website administrator.
  5. The new messaging system means that people will be replying from their own inboxes rather than logging into the website first, and therefore their responses may very well be kicked to the recipients spam box 🙁
  6. The interactive map info bubbles contain a lot less information than previously. I felt a lot of the information was just taking up room and did not serve any advantage being shown on the map. The info is still on the website, you just have to click where it says “click here to view full details and send a message to the organiser”.

That’s basically it. Hope you find the website to be a useful resource.

Matt Coston – website creator.

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